DRIVE-IN Services 2020

Purpose: To have visual interaction and reconnection with the TurnPoint church body. It will allow us to worship together on the property, even if it is in our vehicles. We will be able to see many of the smiling faces of those we love and are connected with, which I know all of us are ready for.

With that said, it will be very important for all of us to exercise wisdom and respect concerning our interaction on Sunday. I have created some guidelines that will need to be strictly followed for the protection of everyone. We will not be able to allow any exceptions to these guidelines. We do not want our good to be evil spoken of. We want everyone to have a very positive experience along with any guests who may be present. If we all do our part, everyone will be blessed and safe.


  1. There will be no cones in the parking lot but we are still wanting everyone to park everyother spot to continue to honor the social distancing guidelines. 
  2. Respect the physical distance between you and others at all times. This should be done by following the social distancing guidelines which are already in place. This is done by maintaining a 6’ space between you and others not from your household or in your vehicle.
  3. Please stay in your vehicle at all times. (The only exception being restroom needs. Restrooms will be monitored to maintain safe distancing.)
  4. Parking: We will be parking in every other space to maintain proper distancing. Spaces will be designated and we will use all spaces on the parking lots first and then the road may be used if necessary. (We recommend all cars face north for better flow of traffic.
  5. We’re sorry, but no pets are permitted on the property.
  6. Please do not get into someone else’s vehicle under any circumstances. Stay in the vehicle you arrived in.
  7. Only Pastoral staff and support team required for the service will be allowed in the sanctuary/building at any time. (praise team, musicians, AV, emergency restroom use.)
  8. For those who want to give an offering, you will be able to do so electronically or at the west entrance under the carport at the conclusion of service.
  9. If at all possible, please use the restroom before you arrive.
  10. There will be a designated gift bag area for guests and children 12 and under. Gifts may be picked up as people leave the property. Please use your FM radio to receive the service broadcast. The FM station can be found at 98.5FM The signal will be effective over the entire property and beyond so don’t hesitate to spread out as needed.
  11. Guests are welcome and will feel safe and respected.


Tune to 

98.5FM & 102.1FM  

to listen while in the 

Parking Lot

Tune in with us around Columbus as well on 98.5 at 10AM